Day Camp Registration Online Customization Form for Districts

Due December 15, 2017

Day Camp Directors:  The following information will be used to create your online registration for day camp.

View a 2018 Draft Registration        Sample Excel Report        Summary of the registration questions


We will do our best to customize as much as possible. Customizations will follow council guidelines and best practices.



Registration Instructions

View the opening page of the draft registration link above (green button). The instructions on the opening page should be very generic as most instructions should be on the district webpage. List any corrections that need to be made to the opening page instructions on doubleknot.

Please do not copy and paste, just list corrections.



Hints on pricing: To encourage volunteers, keep the cost of the tots, siblings and volunteers prices as low as possible. Either keep these prices at an amount just enough to recover expenses, or pass these expenses to the Cub Scouts who are benefiting from the adults volunteering and the program.  If you price the tot-lot, sibling and volunteer prices too high, you may not get enough volunteers. Think about what a parent will have to pay to volunteer and bring a Scout (or two) and a sibling (or two). Consider: tot-lot (~$20 to cover patch, t-shirt and supplies like bubbles and crafts), youth and adult volunteers (free or $5).  Consider charging for part-time and job sharing volunteers (~$6), but not charging for the full time, or charge more for the part-time and job sharing parents to encourage full-time volunteers.

List the cost for each participant type.


Early Registration Discount

The council-wide date for the early registration discount is TBD.

Note below who the early registration discount applies to (e.g., $5 discount for everyone or $10 discount for only Tigers through Webelos Scouts). Note if the discount will still apply if there are early registration incentive caps.

Late Fees

The late fees council-wide date is TBD.  Registration closes for Scouts and adults two weeks before camp.

There is no late fee for Tigers as many are recruited after the late fee date. There should not be a late fee for volunteers. A late fee for siblings/tot lot is not recommended because typically these are needed to recruit adults after the late fee date.

Email Receipt

Would you like to receive an email copy of every registration receipt? This will let you know registrations are coming in, but won't contain all the registration details. Note: Receiving an email copy of every receipt is only recommended for smaller camps. If a larger camp is interested, then you might want to set up an alternative email address (e.g., camp google account), not your personal email to receive a copy of the receipts, or your inbox will be very full.

Day Camp Page on District Website

Important: Visit your district website and look at the day camp page on your district website and submit corrections below.

Please do not copy and paste; only list corrections needed.

Did you know?  There is a website feedback form under the resource tab on the district websites. Additional corrections that need to be made to the district website after this form is submitted can be made to the webmaster using that form.

Program Section

View the "Program Section" tab on day camp page on the district website.



View the "Registration" tab on day camp page on the district website.


Preparing for Camp / What to Brin

View the "Preparing for Camp" tab (including what to bring) on day camp page on the district website.​



View the "Volunteers" tab on day camp page on the district website.​



View the "Communications" tab on day camp page on the district website.​




After hitting the submit button below, please allow about one minute for processing.  A message will then pop up letting you know your information was submitted.